Bungoma Farmers Urged To Embrace Soil Testing

Bungoma farmers and Agro-dealer technicians have been urged to embrace testing of soils to determine the PH level before planting as a way of improving food security and nutrition.

Speaking while addressing famers at Mabanga FTC, during the celebrations to mark soil health and fertility day, CECM Agriculture Monica Fedha said most soils in Bungoma are acidic with a PH level of 4.3, a reason for decline in farm yields.

Monica encouraged farmers to take advantage of the mobile PH metres owned by the county to test their soils. She called on farmers to use organic fertilizers and to consider crop rotation as some of the sustainable soil management techniques.

“Agriculture and food security in Bungoma depends on the health and fertility of our soils. We are committed to harness every effort to promote sustainable soil management techniques” said Fedha.

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