The County Assembly of Busia today held the first day of public participation for the county’s Finance Bill for the Financial Year 2021/2022.

The event at the Busia Agricultural Training Centre will run for three days. It’s being presided over by Hon Fred Musirimba, the chairperson Finance committee.

Other members present include vice chairperson, Hon Angela Nafula and members, George Busera, Margaret Achungo (nominated),the clerk of the county assembly, Maureen Ogombe.
Hon Musirimba stated that they had followed the due process required for any public participation, pointing out that they had advertised in the dailies in the month of March.
He further stated that they had also done the advertisement in advance in both the county assembly and the county government’s official website.

The chairman emphasized the importance of the county residents to understand the document, citing its bulkiness, adding that they have decided to let the event run for three days to allow county residents to thoroughly scrutinize the document and come up with questions and inquiries on different sectors that affect them or that they feel should be ammended.

Hon Nafula told residents that the estimates in the bill are done by the executive committee and sent to the county assembly for members to deliberate upon and subject it to public participation before being adopted by the assembly.
She further urged the residents to raise concerns and reccomendations on the issues they feel are affecting them.
The committee members urged the residents to turn out in large numbers for the remaining two phases of the critical event.

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