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Busia Deputy Governor, H.E Arthur Odera (ACIP) today conducted an inspection of Alupe Sub County Hospital to assess the level of service delivery at the health facility.

The DG made stops at the laboratory, pharmacy, reproductive health clinic, maternity and in-patient ward.
He also inspected the newly acquired ambulance and the Covid-19 Health Emergency Response unit among other projects.

Medical staff at the hospital highlighted the hospital operations and also raised the challenges they are experiencing is discharging services to patients.

Concerns raised included shortage of staff and specialized machines such as ultrasound, CT Scan and X-ray.
They apealed to H.E Dr Paul Nyongesa Otuoma’s adminstration through DG to address the bottlenecks to enable them serve more patients and reduce the workload on the county referral hospital.

The hospital management also informed the DG of the 10,000-litre Oxygen plant whose construction is slated to start soon.

The plant is funded by the National Government and is expected to address oxygen shortage at the facility.
“We have noted the concerns you have raised and in due course we will address them as a matter of priority to ensure the facility operates at its full potential,” the DG said.

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