Busia Women Rep Joins Odinga Busia County ODM Party Recruitment Drive


Busia women representative Catherine Omanyo joined ODM party leader Raila Odinga for Busia County ODM Party recruitment drive.

She said she will ensure that more people join the ODM party which is among tht largest parties in the Country.

“We are happy that our party leader has joined us today in this ODM party recruitment drive, and we will not let him down by ensuring that Busia is fully an ODM party zone, ” she said.

Odinga thanked residents for showing up in large numbers.

“The people of Busia have spoken in unison, declaring their commitment to our party, and I must commend them for being the county with the highest number of registered ODM members. They have also stated that they will ensure they retain the top spot, ” he said .

Dial to join ODM party dial *483*036# or www.odmmembership.com.

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