Business In Nakuru Town Comes To A Standstill As Three Police Officers Walks Naked For Robbing A Bar

Businesses in Nakuru town was briefly brought into a halt after three notorious police officers known to trouble traders in town walked naked. Scores of people gathered around town to catch a glimpse of the bizarre incident that happened that day.

According to one of the traders in town, the police officers had been troubling traders and extorting unnecessary taxes from them for years.

“Days prior to the incident, my bar was robbed by unidentified people in the middle of the night. This had been the tenth robbery in just one year, this time round they took everything and left me with nothing”, said Timothy the owner of the bar.

The robbery on Timothy’s bar drove him to consult a herbalist known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for help.
“The tenth robbery was the last straw for me, I asked the herbalist to punish and embarrass the people who robbed me that day and let me tell you these people got a taste of their own medicine”, explained Timothy.
Three days after the consultation, the police officers turned up in town naked singing songs that explained how they planned and conducted the robbery on Timothy’s bar.

The traders in Nakuru town were amazed by how the magic worked on police officers.
“These police officers got what they deserved, and I thank KAZIMOTO DOCTORS’ for ending the terror these people had been causing us. Indeed he is a powerful man,” said one of the traders.

Timothy is now a happy man after the police officers were arrested by their superiors and asked to compensate him for all the robberies.
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