Calls to Protect Girl Child as the World Marked Day of Zero Tolerance For FGM


Calls to end Female Genital Mutilation peaked as leaders called for toughened legal penalties against the perpetrators of FGM.

Speaking during this year’s International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, Cabinet Secretary of Gender, Culture, the Arts and Heritage Aisha Jumwa called on stakeholders to protect the girl child against FGM perpetrators and called for investing in survivors-led interventions.

“Together, we must raise awareness, educate communities, and advocate for laws and policies that protect girls and women from this harmful practice,” said CS Jumwa who graced the occasional at Sambirir Girls High School.
Deputy Governor Prof. Grace Cheserek called for prosecution and determination of cases related to FGM and gender related violence.

“Let’s work tirelessly to end FGM and ensure every girl grows up free from harm and with her rights fully respected,” Prof Cheserek

The rescue centre in Chorwa, Chesoi recently recorded 105 girls.

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