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Campus Girl Reveals How Her Mubaba Opened a Business for Her and Bought Her a Land cruiser: “I’m Now So Rich”

A campus student has educated her fellow young female students on how to escape poverty by getting a rick mubaba who can take of them as they study in school.

On her Instagram page, Salome wrote a post on how it was initially hard for her to survive in campus as she was raised by a single mother who could not afford to send her upkeep every other time.

“I was really suffering. There are nights when I slept hungry as my mom did not have any money to send me,” she said.

She tried getting part time jobs but she could not balance studying and also working and so she had to quit and focus on her studies. One of her roommates saw how she was suffering to get food and gave an advice that changed her forever.

The roommate told Salome to look for aMubaba who could pay her bills, love and give her money so that she could survive in campus. The roommate told her getting a mubaba is easy but getting one who can give her lots of money required the help of famous love doctor Kazimoto.

“I advise you to call Daktari Kazi moto and ask him for his help in connecting you with amubaba who could help you out,” the roommate told Salome.

With the way she had suffered, she did not waste a moment in contacting the doctor and when she did; the doctor told him he would use his spells to help her out.

“Doctor Kazimotoused his spell-casting powers to divinely connect me with a rich mubabab who would ensure that I am well taken care of,” Salome said on Instagram.

In less than 24 hours, he met a wealth man who has been treating her like a queen.
“He bought me a landcruiser, and I am now also a business-owner thanks to my mubaba who gives KSh 100,000 weekly,” she said while thanking Doctor Kazimoto.

Doctor Kazimoto has received recognition for dealing with issues of theft, love, broken marriage, spirits, businesses and also healing of diseases. You can contact him on +254741930918 and all your problems will be solved.

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