Two consignments of bhang were intercepted yesterday morning by Coast Guard officers, following a dramatic chase in the Indian Ocean.

According to DCI the consignment worth over half a million shillings that was destined for the Lamu archipelago, was seized by the officers who were patrolling the sea at 4am, but not before an early morning chase, reminiscent of an offshore powerboat racing competition.

The officers were on routine patrol in their boat at Tustiri area, approximately 140 nautical miles from Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa, when they noticed a suspicious boat sailing towards Lamu, from Matondoni.

The captain signaled the boat to stop but on sighting the officers, the boat’s coxswain defied the orders and accelerated towards Tustiri channel. What followed was a dramatic chase pitting the sea thugs against the Coastguard vessel, as their two boats thundered noisily in the calm morning waters, disturbing the peaceful marine life in the sea.

As the officers caught up with the two thugs, they navigated their vessel to a mangrove thicket, jumped from the boat to the shrub-land and disappeared to different directions. The officers impounded the boat before discovering the consignment of cannabis sativa, carefully concealed in khaki bags.

Moments later as they were towing the boat to Lamu police station, they found one of the suspects who appeared to have lost his escape route, attempting to cross the channel.

Exhausted and without the energy to run from the long arm of the law, the suspect Feiswal Hamadi, 35, surrendered to the officers. He is currently being processed at Lamu police station for arraignment.

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