Comfort Taps Blessings When they are fresh

Founder Managing Director of Comfort Homes Dr Hezekiah Kariuki is one wise leader. This is why he has been receiving accolades one after the other.

The secret is simple – putting God first above everything else.

Friday Morning, although chilly, he led us with this powerful prayer:

“Good morning family. It’s Friday let’s give thankyou to Almighty God.

Our Loving Jehovah in Heaven, we come before You again this Friday Morning in the Name of Jesus Christ. Thank You Mighty God for being with us throughout the night as we cancel the power of all evil dreams in the Name of Jesus. Thank You Merciful God for protecting our families, friends and relatives. Thank You for Your protecting angels around our homes, businesses and workplaces. Give us wisdom and strength today and may You fill us with Your love and peace in the Name of Jesus. Pour out Your blessings unto us Loving Father. Thank You Lord for bringing Your Word to us every morning as we start the day. As we awake to another blessed morning, clear our minds, fire-up our spirits so that we can be the salt of the earth wherever we go. Heal the sick and touch the lives of all those in various challenges of life. Be with those that are travelling to various places of work and visitation. We speak the Blood of Jesus upon their lives. We dedicate this entire day in Your Hands Gracious God; start with us and end with us Alpha and Omega. In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name We Pray AMEN.”

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