Communities Urged to Involve Women in Promoting Peace

Communities have been urged to involve women in peace promotion at a conference organized by the national council of churches in Kenya [NCCK].

Speaking during the training on women’s participation in peace and security promotion, Linda Madegwa, a representative of the State Department for Gender in Uasin Gishu County, said Kenya was in a better position to involve women in peace promotion.

“Kenya has made several strides in involving women in promoting peace and security, but the fact that we have been able to have our own national action plan that relates to peace, we are involving women and through organizations and the State Department for Gender, we have been able to train and empower several women on peace and security issues,” said Linda.

According to Linda, the NCCK has had several successes in ensuring that women are involved in promoting peace.

“One of the achievements that the NCCK has made is that all peace committee members from different sub-counties have participated in training and empowerment on security issues, not leaving the men behind, and the NCCK has also been able to train several women, men and youth on peace and security issues,” added Linda.

In addition, communities have been urged to involve women in peace building, as women can help bring peace to society.

“Communities really need to understand that sometimes we look at women as the vulnerable team, but we also need to look at them from another angle, that if they are brought on board, they can be the promoters of peace and they can participate in some of the activities related to peace and security. Women have the influence on the youth, so if women are empowered, the youth would also be empowered and so the whole community would be empowered,” said Linda.

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