County in talks with Safaricom to Digitize Services

Trans Nzoia Governor, George Natembeya, is committed to enhancing service delivery to residents through the digitalization of government services. In line with this objective, Governor Natembeya today engaged with a team from Safaricom Ltd, a leading telecommunications company, who expressed their interest in partnering with the county government to provide digital solutions.

During the meeting, Isaac Kabuthia, Safaricom’s Public Sector Product Lead, presented the process of digitizing services in various sectors, including Health, Education, Finance, Water, Land, and Public Service Management. The aim is to enhance accessibility by establishing a comprehensive online platform or utilizing a Short Service Dial (SSD) code, thereby eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices.

The proposed digital solutions encompass a range of services, such as smart metering for water services, biometric access control for human resource management, hosting county applications and data, tailored communication products, digital surveillance to combat crime in towns, and health records management.
Additionally, Safaricom highlighted other potential services, including a cashless payment system, citizen engagement platform, public Wi-Fi, and cyber security measures.

Recognizing the significance of upgrading service provision through digital means, Governor Natembeya who was in the Company of his deputy Philomenah Kapkory , directed Bonface Wanyonyi, the County Executive Committee Member for Finance, to expedite further negotiations with Safaricom. In order to formalize this partnership, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the county government and Safaricom, paving the way for future collaborations and discussions regarding the company’s diverse service offerings.

Governor Natembeya expressed his enthusiasm for embracing collaborations and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations that share the vision of improving the lives of Trans Nzoia’s residents. As efforts continue to enhance the well-being of the county’s inhabitants, the governor remains open to exploring innovative solutions in service delivery.

Governor Natembeya, remarked, “Digitalizing government services is a crucial step in our mission to provide efficient and accessible services to the people of Trans Nzoia. Partnering with Safaricom presents us with an exciting opportunity to leverage their expertise and technological capabilities for the benefit of our residents.”

The initiative to digitalize government services is expected to revolutionize the way residents interact with the county government, streamlining processes and fostering transparency. By harnessing the power of technology, Trans Nzoia County aims to create an environment that promotes efficiency, convenience, and overall customer satisfaction in service delivery.

“The importance of digitalizing government services extends beyond convenience and efficiency. It also contributes to bridging the digital divide by providing equal opportunities for citizens to access essential services, regardless of their location or socioeconomic background. Furthermore, digital platforms will enable citizens to have a voice in decision making, promoting a more participatory democracy,” the Governor added.

Speaking during the event, the DG opined that ICTs have had a significant influence on various aspects of society, empowering individuals to actively engage in decision-making processes across all levels. She also highlighted that the Trans Nzoia administration is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its residents through improved service provision.

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