County Plans to Make Sports an Economic Venture

County Executive Member for Youth and Sports, Eng Lucy Ng’endo has said that the county government intends to harness sports to make it an economic activity.

Speaking as she graced the Kenya Universities Sports Association Games at the University of Eldoret on Sunday, Eng Ng’endo enumerated the various sports programs being rolled out, all aimed at empowering the youth.

“The (county) government has the intention to make sports a profitable venture by helping youth identify their talents and perfect them to earn from their abilities,” said Eng Ng’endo.

She said her department is working closely with sports stakeholders, to pick the best talent and seed them to commercial clubs and teams.

Coaches and volleyball officials have been scouting for talent as the Governor’s Cup Tournament got underway at the Wards.

The county executive also said that sports fosters cohesion by bringing people to witness and cheer sporting activities, thereby promoting a sense of oneness.

Last week, the County established the County Sports Council with the aim to, among many, market and nurture multi-discipline sports talents in the County.

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