County to Install CCTV Cameras and Software to Enhance Accountability in all Facilities

Chief Officer, Preventive and Promotive Health Mrs. Joyce Sang on Tuesday visited Ziwa Sub County Hospital and Kabobo health center in Ziwa Ward, Soy Sub County to assess the facilities’ conditions as the Department is working on strategies to ensure the locals have access to adequate medical care.

Mrs. Sang called on the community to observe the soberness and ethics of the hospital and the clients after a mother was filmed while giving birth and the clip was shared online causing uproar in the health sector and therefore lowering the self-esteem of the mothers.

Speaking during the working tour, Sang hinted at the plans to install CCTV cameras and software that will enable the tracking of the time a patient stays in the facility, drugs, and the number of staff as well as provide screens in the patients’ wards to secure privacy during the treatment.

“Let’s sensitize our women to visit the hospital and make use of mammogram machine which is offered at a subsidized fee in Ziwa,” she said.

According to Ziwa Sub County Hospital Chairman Joseph Mwogoi, the facility conducts over 60 lab tests and offers inpatient services, ultrasound, cancer screening, maternity services, MCH, dental and renal services.

Mwogoi mentioned the ongoing construction of the level V hospital facility which is over 60% complete and once complete it will hold a capacity of 400 beds, a morgue, 7 theatres, and a Church.

On his part, Hospital Manager Philiph Koro encouraged the patients to know their rights and enquire about the services they seek according to the service charter further noting that the dental unit in the facility offers scaling, refuelling and root canal services.

The leadership encouraged the locals to enroll and utilize NHIF to enable them to access medication even when they have no money.

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