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CS Murkomen Should Streamline the Transport Industry

According to statistics released by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) last year, at least

21,760 people were involved in road accidents and 4,690 people died while the rest mostly with life-
changing injuries. At least 9,933 people were seriously injured and 7,137 were slightly injured.

This indicates how Kenyan roads are a threat to Kenyan road users. This week the roads are set to be busy as thousands of students will be going for the first half-term break. To avert accidents and crises, this calls for extra care by the different drivers and cyclists plying through these routes.
Wednesday morning along the Eldoret-Kapsabet highway, a classic shuttle Sacco matatu full past its set
14 seater capacity being driven recklessly caused a scene when it spun off the road and nearly crashed all while carrying 18 passengers among them 15 students excited to get to their various homes.

How things could have turned sour had the spirit of the Lord not intervened.
Nineteen years after the success of the famous ‘Michuki Rules’ in 2004, implementation has become so lax and accidents so rampant that the country is hitting the reset button. The laws were introduced by the
no-nonsense Transport minister John Michuki, hence the moniker ‘Michuki Rules’. Enforcement was both brutal and reprieving, bringing order to the public transport sector for the first time in Kenya’s history.

It is about time Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen Cabinet Secretary for Roads, Transport, and Public works streamlines the roads and transport industry before it causes more damage to the Kenyan

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