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CS Mutua Urges Those In Foreign Countries to Follow Their Laws

The Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Dr. Alfred Mutua Foreign affairs Dr. Alfred Mutua has advised Kenyans working or studying in foreign countries to adhere to laws governing those countries.

Speaking to the press at the Uasin Gishu County headquarters Dr. Mutua attributed gross violations to a section of Kenyans working or studying abroad to be a result of defiance of laws governing such countries.

“You should work for the person, company, or organization according to how your Visa states, you should not try to relocate from where you work without following the laid down procedure otherwise you may get into trouble and this has affected some of the Kenyans working in certain countries abroad,” he said.

He advised Kenyans who find it difficult to adhere to certain rules and regulations in such countries to consider returning home where they can live in an environment that they are accustomed to.

“We should ask ourselves why people come back in a bad state from certain foreign countries, it’s deeper and more complicated than it seems hence one should obey the laws of those countries or return back home”, he said.

The Ministry of Foreign affairs has assured Kenyans that the Kenyan Government is working round the clock to strengthen the Kenyan passport to secure more visa-free countries,

“The state department of diaspora affairs is domiciled within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the department is committed to taking care of Kenyans working or studying abroad, and we intend to secure more jobs for Kenyans outside the country in order to increase diaspora remissions.

The latest figures from the Central Bank of Kenya reveal that the country’s diaspora remittances rose by 8.34 percent to $4.027 billion in 2022, closing in on exports, which brought in $5.77 billion worth of foreign currency in the same period.

However, a section of Kenyans working in Saudi Arabia and other countries has over the years complained of gross human rights violations while working in those countries with some having returned back home in critical conditions.

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