DCI Welcomes Life Sentence Handed On The Driver Of Abducted Cuban Doctors

The life sentence handed down on Isaac Ibrien Robow, yesterday, following the abduction of two Cuban doctors Dr Assel Herrera Correa & Dr Landy Rodriguez Hernandez, has been welcomed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and more specifically sleuths based at the Anti Terror Police Unit (ATPU), who handled the case.

Robow who was a driver at the Mandera County hospital will spend the rest of his life behind bars, following the incident that occurred on April 12, 2019, along the Mandera – Garissa highway. This is after the detectives conducted comprehensive investigations into the case and preferred charges against the suspect contrary to Section 4 (2) of the Prevention of Terrorism Act No. 30 of 2012.

On the fateful morning at around 9am, a government vehicle GK A221U, Toyota Hillux, that was ferrying the two doctors and two police escorts came under attack from Al-Shabab terrorists.

The attack however left investigators who took up the matter puzzled since Robow, stopped the vehicle and never made any attempts to escape or disembark from the vehicle. Equally, the attackers who appeared well-briefed shot and killed the police escort seated on the co-driver’s seat, as his colleague on the back seat escaped death narrowly, by jumping from the vehicle.

All this while, the driver who escaped the onslaught unscathed sat behind the wheel unperturbed, as the terrorists forcefully ejected the doctors from the vehicle and escaped with them to neighbouring Somalia.

Detectives found this case very unique since under normal circumstances, drivers are targeted first, to stop the car. The driver in this case never attempted to swerve to the right or left, turn back or even drive through the attackers. The vehicle was also heavily tinted and how the attackers knew the sitting arrangement without prior information, only reinforced the detectives’ position.

While pronouncing the sentence at Milimani Law Court no 9, senior principal magistrate Martha Nanzushi, observed that the attackers were aware of the target’s position and it was clear the gunmen targeted the officer seated on the front passenger seat.

The terrorists brutally took the life of a gallant police officer, Constable Mutundo Kitambo, attached to the Administration Police, Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit in Mandera. The attackers deprived a family of a loving husband, father and breadwinner.

DCI thanks Hon Nanzushi, for the sentence, as it provides a semblance of justice to the deceased’s family, friends & colleagues and the families of the two abducted Cuban doctors. Equally, we also thank the prosecution for a well presented case.

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