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Deal With Destructive Protestors as It Should: Marakwet West MP

Marakwet West Member of Parliament Timothy Toroitich has called on the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to decisively deal with participants in the up-coming planned anti-government demonstrations should they destroy property and endanger lives.

Speaking on Thursday, the vocal legislator noted that the country is currently enjoying a peaceful moment, a state he says should not be interrupted by demonstrations meant to quell self-interest.

“As a country, we cannot afford destruction of property and threatening of lives when we are on a take-off towards economic prosperity. We are trying to get our economy back on its feet after it was plundered by elements in the former regime, Mr. Raila Odinga included,” he said.

He observed that the government has a role of protecting the lives and property of people, a constitutional right he says should not be curtailed for whatever reasons.

“If the protestors, under the guise of mass action, destroy property and endanger lives of innocent Kenyans, The government must inflict maximum pain on the criminals. Kenya is not a banana republic,” he said.

Terming the former premier as the gatekeeper for cartels in the previous government who he says almost brought the country to its knees, the legislator further noted that the Kenya Kwanza government will not allow that happen again.

“William Ruto is not Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga went to bed with the former regime at a time when our economy was headed to the ruins. He will go down as the most celebrated hypocrite of our time,” stated the leader.

The vocal legislator who was elected on an independent ticket sided himself with Kenya kwanza government before the general elections.

Recently, he was quoted a number of time speaking critically on the insecurity situation in Kerio valley and other parts of North Rift.

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