Deeper Dive into the National Government Administration Laws Amendment Bill Discussions


The Justice and Legal Affairs Committee and the Departmental Committee on Administration and Internal Security have jointly commenced stakeholder engagements on the National Government Administration Laws Amendment Bill,2023,at the Mini Chamber, County Hall,Parliament Buildings

First to appear before the Committee this morning, was a team from National Intelligence Service led by the Director General, Mr. Noordin Mohamed Haji, over the proposed amendments to the National Security Council Act, 2012.

With regards to the proposed inclusion of the National Security Advisor (NSA) in the Committee dealing with the Assumption of the Office of the President, PS Omollo has proposed that the NSA be the Secretary to the Council and not the Committee.

The Principal Secretary for Ministry of Interior and National Administration, Dr. Raymond Omollo is currently appearing before the Joint Committee
over the National Government Administration Laws Amendment Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 73 of 2023).

The Ministry is making submissions regarding the proposed amendments to theAssumption of Office of the President Act, 2012,
National Security Council Act, 2012 and the National Government Coordination Act, 2013 and the
Office of the Attorney General Act, 2012
Saku MP Dido Rasso is the Vice Chair, House Committee on Internal Security

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