Deputy Governor Lauds Residents for Shunning Azimio Demos

Bungoma residents have been lauded for shunning demonstrations called by opposition’s Azimio la Umoja leaders.
Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany thanked residents for maintaining peace all along and urged them to continue with the spirit.

Speaking during Najijali community day at Chwele VTC in Kabuchai constituency on Tuesday, Mbatiany said peace is paramount for a country to grow economically.

“The ongoing demonstrations hurt our economy and therefore I laud Bungoma residents for refusing to participate in such ,” said Mbatiany.

The DG at the same time called on opposition leaders to call off the demos demonstrations and allow the country to move forward.

She affirmed that Kenya is a peaceful nation and as such all Kenyans should shun destructive demonstrations which creates fear and destroys the economy.

“Don’t allow selfish leaders to misuse you to participate in illegal demonstrations in the pretext that they are fighting for your interests,” she warned.

Mbatiany added that the demonstrations have led to the deaths of many Kenyans while others have been maimed.
“It is a sad reality that many people have lost lives during the demonstrations but let’s pray for them and our country,” she said.

At the same time, the DG warned leaders planning demonstrations in Bungoma to stop it.

“They are citing the reviewed scholarship program as one agenda of their demonstrations, this will affect the transport and business within our towns, the education support program was started by the previous administration and they should not force us to inherit it ;We only reviewed it to cater for genuine cases and make it better ,” she said.

The DG was accompanied by Education executive David Wamamili her Trade counterpart Caroline Makali among other senior County officials.

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