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Detectives based at the Serious Crimes Unit have arrested three suspects in Kinango, Kwale county, after being found in possesion of a male Pangolin.

The three Pas Mwiti, 30, Kabwere Tembe, 26, and Salim Nduria, 22, were arrested by the detectives following a tip-off from members of the public.

Posing as well oiled businessmen engaged in the illicit trade of the world’s most endangered mammal, the sleuths lured the sellers from their hideout before pouncing on them and rescuing the animal, but not without a fight.

Earlier, drama ensued in Vugurungani village after two of the suspects attempted to set the animal free and took flight. This prompted the detectives to chase after the scary mammal with a full armour of scales and the two men, leaving a thick cloud a dust. The detectives almost broke their limbs following the high octane commotion that lasted less than 2 minutes.
However, they finally restrained the duo and the mammal and gave them a ride to Nairobi. Unbelievably, Subaru ilikam imejaa mambaru, mahabusu na mnyama from Kwale to DCI headquarters, where the suspects are currently being interrogated further to reveal their financiers.
The endangered animal has since been handed over to the Kenya Wildlife Service personnel at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage.
Pangolins fetch a fortune in the black market since their scales are used for spiritual protection and financial rituals, making the nocturnal mammal that feeds on ants one of the most trafficked in the world.
In Kenya, one such animal goes for approximately Sh4 million. Don’t go hunting for one, our men are on high alert.

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