Diaspora Movement in Uasin Gishu Embarks on Preaching Peace Before and After the 2022 General Election


Diaspora Movement in Uasin Gishu which comprises of non-Kalenjins community has embarked on preaching peace before, during, and after  the 2022 general elections.
Speaking to the press Samson Wanjama Mugo popularly known as Samkiz said they will move from village to village preaching peace
“We will educate them on the importance of peace and advise them not to allow themselves to be divided based on their political or tribal affiliations. It is better we lose our political seats and we live peacefully with one another,” Samkiz said.
He called on the communities living in Uasin Gishu to continue living in harmony and be champions of peace.
They included former aspirants, elders, youth, women, the business community, and religious leaders.

They said that it is sad that during the electioneering period they campaign for individuals to clinch power but after they ascend to power they are forgotten.

“We have supported governors, senator, governors after getting their post they forget us, this time around anyone who will be seeking for any elective seat must represent the interest for the Diaspora community, we will only elect leaders who will have the interest of our people,” Samkiz added.

They said this time round they will put their votes in one basket so that they will have bargaining power in the next government.
“We become the best during campaigns but when it comes to resource distribution we found ourselves left behind. The next County government should consider the distribution of 30 percent entitlement to diaspora community in the constitution,” he said.

“Come 2022 we will speak in one voice as Diaspora movement and we will only support someone who has our interest at heart, we want to be included in the next government,” Andrew Sure added.

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