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Did You Know That Radio is the Trusted Medium of Communication?

Majority of the people use the radio to get information, education, and communication for many years radio has been ranked as the most used device for communication.

Radio has been rated as a good medium for interaction among communities as a platform for news, entertainment, advice, and up-to-date information.

In the third world countries, especially African governments use radio platforms to pass information because it reaches out to many people who are in remote areas.

The majority of Africans despite their financial background can at least afford a radio.
It has been estimated that 490 million people live in poverty which makes it hard for them to afford other sources of information and prefer radio because it is affordable.

Reports indicate that 90% of people in Africa listen to the radio.

World Radio Day radio is celebrated 13th of February annually where this year’s theme is ‘radio and peace’
In case there is incitement and propaganda from political leaders radio will be used to spread peace and love among people, thus balancing tension from both sides.

For instance, hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the Rwandan genocide between 7 April and 15 July in the year 1994 during the civil war of Hutu( the majority) and Tutsis( the minority) causing the death of more than six hundred thousand people.

It is said that the war was fostered by European countries via media especially radio, in Kenya radio has been used to spread peace messages, especially during the general elections.

Radio has been on the front line to cool down the pressure and incitement that can cause violence furthermore radio reports on political events from different coalitions to create a balanced story and also hold political discussions from politicians of different parties.

Radio condemns people with high influence on the public and government who intend to use this chance to incite people. Despite the advancement of technology radio remains the best medium of information or communication for people worldwide.

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