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Didmus Barasa Murder Case: Victim’s Family Demands Justice

The family of Brian Olunga, the late bodyguard of politician Brian Khaemba who was allegedly shot by Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa, is now demanding that those responsible for their loved one’s death face justice.

Tobias Olunga, Olunga’s father, said after his burial on Saturday at their home in Samitsi village, Malava sub-county, that proper action should be taken against the suspected individuals, adding that Olunga’s life was taken while he was still very young.

“I am hoping the police will carry out a through job and present to court a tight case that will bring the killer of my son to book. It pains me to see such a young soul go like that,” he told The Standard.

Similarly, the deceased’s friends demanded justice, recalling Olunga as a peacemaker who always defended those close to him.

“We demand for justice, his death has left a big gap among us. He always defended and ensured peace prevailed,” said Damaris Etinoti, one of his friends.

“As his friends, we believe in the legal system and we know the court will help us. We can’t do anything but let the law take its course and God knows justice will prevail. Let’s remain calm and peaceful,” added Emmanuel Ngao.

Olunga was reportedly shot dead by Kimilili-MP elect Didmus Barasa last week when he accompanied Brian Khaemba to Chebukwabi polling station at around 6 pm on election day to observe the tallying of votes.

According to a police report, Khaemba ran into Barasa at the polling station and a fight ensued, prompting Khaemba to leave the polling station.

Khaemba returned to his vehicle, but “Barasa followed him in the company of four men and ordered them not to let him (Khaemba) leave…”

However, Khaemba’s driver is said to have defied Barasa’s order and started the vehicle, prompting the legislator to shoot Olunga in the forehead.

He succumbed to injuries while being taken to the hospital as the legislator went missing for two days before surrendering to the police.

The MP, on the other hand, has distanced himself from allegations that he knowingly opened fire and killed Olunga in cold blood, instead insisting that the events of the day in question remain hazy even to him.

The case, according to the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), will be mentioned on Wednesday, August 24.

Courtesy Citizen Digital

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