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Director Kenya Power Warns Against Transformer

Director of Kenya Power Veska Kangogo has asked Kenyans to report theft cases and misuse of transformers in that region.

Speaking to the press in Eldoret town, Kangogo said those who will be found will face the full force of the law.

“People who vandalize transformers endanger the lives of those admitted in hospitals and particular patients at the intensive care unit and infants in incubators. Such people will be arrested and face the full force of the law,” said Kangogo.

“I want to call upon Kenyans across the Country to act as our watchdogs by reporting those vandalizing transformers since in the previous year large numbers of transformers were stolen,” added Kenya Power Director.

She said those who will be caught vandalizing power equipment will face the law since the government spends a lot of money on purchasing and installing the equipment.

“We call upon the press to pass information to the public on the importance of taking care of Kenya power properties and also acting their watchdogs in ensuring that those vandalizing transformers are arrested and charged. The government should also look at those doing scrap metals since stolen transformers are sold there,” she added.

She further said that there are high numbers of people masquerading as Kenya power staff thus conning the public by connecting illegal and dangerous lines.

“The issue of risks associated with illegal lines which have resulted in fires damaging properties, especially the high number of transformers that have failed because of illegal lines. As a company we no longer tolerate our staff being involved in those criminal activities and we have taken stern actions against them,” Kangogo said.

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