“Do not be under pressure to get in marriage when you’re not ready” Man says this after he was just in marriage for four months


Most people in the world today do things to compete and please others. Others rush for marriage as a result to look uniform with their married friends even if they are not ready to have their own families. Dan-not her real name a 35-year-old man based in Nairobi shared his four months’ experience in marriage and as he said, he advises people to think first before deciding to be in marriage.

He says all his friends were in marriages and he felt left behind. With that he only dated a lady for one month and the two decided to get into marriage.

“To be honest I was not ready to be in marriage. I did it as a result of pressure from my friends and family who thought I was not normal as all my friends were all in marriage. We lived for only four months in our marriage and things were not okay. The lady I was in marriage with was only here for my money. To add on that she was a serious lie as she had been walking out of our marriage,” he said.

He added that he regretted on why he had taken the step of going into marriage when he wasn’t ready. He recalls trying to cut ties with his wife as he has seen there was no future in their marriage. Sometimes later he says a friend of hers told her about a herbalist based in Majengo Town Vihiga County Western Kenya by the name Dr Mugwenu. This man had helped people who had lost hope in their Marriages to get committed and live happy marriage lives. Dr Mugwenu casted successful marriage spells to him.

He also said that Dr Mugwenu told him that he exercises doctor-patient confidentiality and neither his files, records nor identity would be shared to a third party nor made public unless on his own volition if he decided to give a testimony. He added that since meeting Dr Mugwenu, he had once again had taste of the marriage. There was a connection once again with his adorable wife as she narrated.

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