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Do Not Marry a Person Before Doing This-Benjamin Zulu

Do not marry a person before you see them when they’re angry, disappointed or stressed. It means you don’t know them.

The problem with a lot of people is that they date in the sunshine and then they marry and get shocked by who the person is in the shades of life.

It doesn’t mean you deliberately annoy a person or set up the so called pranks – very immature and offensive things to do an adult, unless it’s for creating fun and laughter of course. All you need to do is to watch the person in social action. This means you date them in real life. Do not depend too heavily on video calls because when they’re with you they’re on their best behaviour. Simply interact in the courses of your lives and keep your eyes open to patterns.

Soon they’ll meet an obstacle and shut you out for days; or lash out at your ‘tefusal to help them,’ or they may calmly handle the situation while communicating to you what’s going on. This is how you know if they have emotionally matured.

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