Do not sabotage your peace just because chaos is familiar

Do not sabotage your peace just because chaos is familiar. Do not run away from your season of rest just because you’re used to always struggling. When things turn out for the better learn to believe it.

Yes you can be loved just for you. Yes, you can be promoted on merit. And yes, you can go a whole year without strife and stress in your life.

You can come home to warmth and happiness from your family. You will not always have tension and quarrels.

You can earn enough to pay your bills and save without borrowing. Debts are not your fate. Accept freedom and settle in it.

You can be treated to parties and trips without having to pay back. It’s not every time that people give you with one hand just before they take with the other.

You can be loved without consequences. You may have been loved as a trap before but still you’re worthy of pure love. Believe it.

You can be ushered into abundance where your efforts yield much fruit. You will not always labor and go home empty handed.

You can live from a place of rest.

Just learn to believe it.

(©️ Benjamin Zulu Global)

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