Dr Ekrah Ndung’u Word to the Alumni


Dr. Ekrah Ndung’u is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of German Institute of Professional Studies and this is what she has to say to the alumni, as a gesture of gratitude:

She expressed confidence in the good work the alumni have been doing in spreading the good word.
She penned a passionate message which reads as follows:

“Thank you to all my alumni who keep sharing their stories online and how we’ve impacted each other…By God’s grace our Alumni have a footprint in every continent especially Africa and Kenya is well represented in the world. Honouring 100 impactful people from the world today. A big thank you to my support system:- My family, friends who cheer me on, colleagues & the clergy who pray for me….I’m eternally grateful.”
Dr. Ekrah has continued to add a feather to her hat and she was honoured with a global change makers Award.
She notes,
“So humbling moments indeed. Starting this 2024 with a global win, all glory and honour goes to our God.

May everything we do make God look so good in the world today by touching a life that you might never meet again, doing good expecting nothing in return.

When impactful people are mentioned 3faces appear Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Junior and Mahatma Ghadhi …..Women faces pop too Wangari Maathai and Mother Theresa…..May the biographies and the humility of these 5 people be our inspiration to do more today.”

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