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Dr Ruto – President Elect is no longer a kalenjin-Kimutai Kurui

He represents ” the wider and bigger constituency ” Kenya

Cabinet Secretaries and Permanent Secretaries – world over serve the appointing authority.
Not the people.

Parliament and other independent institutions vet them on our behalf.
That’s part of Public Participation.
This is why it’s imperative to elect ” independent minded person’s” to legislature – “we donate powers to them to act on our behalf!”

Cs and PS are a support system to the presidency…advise the president on various matters on policy formulation and implementation.

It’s a good practice to have Cs appear in parliament for accountability and transparency.

We need an active and robust MNA,Women Rep,Senator and MCAs.

These are state officers,apart from us the common public and media should assert influence in the entire systems and arms of government presidency.

Parliament must do check powers of the Executive.
This is why Dr Ruto and UDA having a majority in parliament is not a health or progressive pointer.
A powerful opposition too is good for effective service delivery ,development and progress

MNA role is not to cohabit with “,executive” presidency but do Representation,Oversight and Legislation.

Leader of majority is the link to parliament.
He transacts business in the house. Parliament must be independent and be distinct from Executive.

Other independent institutions(14) – Judiciary,ODPP,IPOA ,EACC or Police must serve the public directly without favour and fear unlike PS or Cs extension of the Presidency.
We must demand for services.

Hold your chief,ACC,DCC and CC accountable.

Make life hell for your Ward Officer(OCS) SCPO/SCIO(OCPD/DCIO) and County Commandants serve you.

Don’t forget the ward administrator ,Sub County to directors in county ministriesm

It’s a ” Civic Duty”

A government love a passive society.
A government must deliver…we pay taxes.

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