Drama As Notorious Motorbike Thief Seek Refuge In Church After Being Cornered By Spirits

Austine Onyango was a notorious motorbike thief who disturbed the traders in Naivash bystealing and destroying their properties while they were off spending time with their families. Many traders in Naivasha town feared him because of his disturbing and violent nature.

“Austine scared away a lot of traders, even the police had grown weary of arresting him for terrorizing and robbing our shops,“said one of the traders.

In 2018 the traders of Naivasha town decided to take matters on their own hands after Austinerobbed and cleared everything in one of the new shops set up for a widow who had lost everything after her husband died.
“All the traders in Naivasha town suggested that the only way the notorious thief would be taught a lesson was to consult a traditional herbalist. Every trader came up with a witch doctor of their own preference but we eventually settled on one of the greatest one called Kazimoto Doctors,” said Norah, a small kiosk owner in Naivasha.

Doctor Kazimotoperformed a spell to curse and punish Austine for terrorizing the traders in Naivasha.
‘The spell Kazimoto Doctors performed was so powerful that it took effect on Austineimmediately,” explained one of the onlookers. Austine was tormented by bad spirits for weeks, he finally had enough of the torments and decided to seek refuge in a church to free himself. This however did not work, he finally realized his mistakes and agreed to compensate the traders he robbed and terrorized.

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