Drama In Busia As The Body Of The Deceased Refuses To Be Ferried Home

A bizarre incident unfolded along Busia whereby residents and passers-by were stunned after a dead body of a woman called Linda Munyasa ‘refused’ to be transported to her in-laws place over the dispute that the late’s husband had never visited her wife’s home to interact with the parents and pay dowry. It was also revealed that Linda’s Husband never introduced nor took her to his parents only to try and take her there in her death in order for her burial.

The driver hooted in order to alert the late’s family that they were now in the route to the burial site. But abruptly the hearse van started sputtering and came to an abrupt halt. The mourners attempted to jumpstart the van but all their efforts came to a naught. They called a mechanic who after checking the fuel systems and electrical couldn’t detect any faults. They moved the body to another van and to their surprise, the previous van started moving and it’s condition was passed to the other vehicle they had moved the body to. All of them were baffled and didn’t have any idea on what step to take next.

Amongst the mourners was Alianda who raised the idea of them giving a certain native doctor who was very powerful from Kitengela town called Dr. KAZIMOTO who had previously helped many such situations? He pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts and gave Dr. KAZIMOTO’S phone number +254741930918 for them to call and find instant help. Dr. KAZIMOTO worked wonders through his spells whereby he talked directly to the deceased and came to an agreement and ordered the family to come in agreement with the deceased’s family on how and when the dowry would be paid. Later the family carried the body via the same hearse and transported it to the final resting place. They were thankful for Dr. KAZIMOTO’S help.

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