Drama in Kiambu Town as Swarm of Bees Arrest Two Thieves

Kiambu town was yesterday brought to a standstillafter a swarm of bees appeared from nowhere in broad daylight and did the unimaginable. The people of the town were going about their business when the bees disrupted their activities forcing them to run for their safety.

The residents thought the bees were out to harm them but they were shocked when the bees instead went to where two young men were sitting while having lunch and immediately surrounded them.

The swarm of bees covered the two young men’s hands as if they were handcuffing them and the two men started screaming while confessing that they had been responsible for the spate of robberies that had rocked the town.
“Tusameheeni! Ni sisitumekuwatukiiba in the last few weeks. Last week we stole 10 bodabodas in one night,” the men confessed as the bees handcuffed them.

Their confession shocked the community who were in disbelief that the two young men were thieves. Even more shocking, the bees started pushing the two towards Kiambu Police Station and while they were on the way, they made more confessions on how they had stolen.

One of the bodaboda riders whose motorcycle had been stolen by the two young men was the who had laid a trap for the thieves after they stole his only source of livelihood. He used Doctor Kazimoto’s spells.
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