Drama In Kitale As Priest Strips Naked After Conning The Wrong Guy

Pastor Jonathan Walubengo from the Full Gospel Church in Bondeni village in Kitale Town was popularly known for his mega crusades and thanks-giving ceremonies that he usually held in his church. He had a wide range of supporters who would crowd and fill his church to the fullest capacity. Jonathan was commonly known for that particular hour around midday where he would urge believers to give some offering called “panda mbegu” he would sell anointed car-keys, holy water which according to him he would claim that the keys will bring you fortune and you’d own a car and that the holly water would be used as water to kill all diseases when drunk and through such things he would extract cash tothe extent that he owned a Land cruiser V8 and had built a luxurious mansion.

Many husbands in the village were not supporting their women for fellowshipping in that church and on Sunday nights after church many chaos could be heard around the village since most of the women who fellowshipped in that church would be beaten regularly by their husband. Nyakundi a work colleague of mine has being eyeing on the managerial position for many years never managed to clinch that spot that he had dreamed of for a long time. He had tried many ways until he met Jonathan Walubengo the priest who promised him to help him in achieving his dream of getting into management by use of his holy fire baptism and also holy water which he would sell at expensive rates but Nyakundi couldn’t complain since he was so desperate to get that gig.

It came to the attention of Nyakundi that after spending around half a million on giving the priest, Nyakundi couldn’t still clinch the position at his work and could normally be harassed and even receive sack threats that would annoy him every time from the same manager he was dreaming of replacing. After months without any change he went back to the church where he was chased brutally with the priest claiming that he was demon possessed and sent by the evil to extract some human sacrifice from the altar. He came back crying and since I had the knowledge of the help of spells I introduced him to Dr. KAZIMOTO from Kitengela town who after talks between them casted a powerful spells and days later Pastor Jonathan Walubengo was seen running naked and could utter anything since he was dumb and confused.
Nyakundi had only one request to the priests family saying that all he needed was his half a million back with ksh 300,000 as penalty fee for him to negotiate with them. Family and friends of the priest had to contribute and hand back the 700,000 ksh back to Nyakundi for him to let the pastor live and get back to his normal state. After paying him Nyakundi also told them that they had to pay a hefty fine of ksh 90 thousand to Dr. KAZIMOTO for him to reverse his Powerful Spells which he did reverse successfully. Thanks to Dr. KAZIMOTO’s Powerful Spells, Nyakundi was able to recover his money back and also earned promotion to replace his cruel manager. Reach KAZIMOTO DOCTORS via their telephone number+254 741930918 since they perform Powerful Spells that solves every society problems.
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