Drama In Kitale As Woman Is Escorted To Her Late Husband’s Grave By A Swam Of Bees

A bizarre incident unfolded in the streets of Kipsongo in Kitale Town. Elizabeth Chemutai could be seen running up and down the streets being escorted by a swarm of bees for allegedly killing his late husband Joseph Tendet. The late Tendet was popularly known for the thriving of his business organizations because he runned multiple hotels and retail shops in Kitale Town. He was a rich business man who was adored by many and was a source of inspiration and a role model to young upcoming entrepreneurs since he came from a simple background and his life story was a motivation to the struggling and hustling people around Kitale.

His death surprised many and was a huge blow to many people because nobody saw it coming since he was healthy and never showed any symptoms of being sick. According to his wife Chemutai, the late Tendet suffered cardiac arrests that killed him on the spots. She also kept postmortem results to herself and couldn’t give clear and straight forward responses when questioned. She would cry and pretend to be mourning the loss of his husband a father to her four children but in the real sense she was behind it all in the name of inheriting what her husband had left behind.

Tendet’s brother became suspicious and went on to look for help in unfolding the truth behind his brother’s death and he came across KAZIMOTO DOCTORS from Kitengela town who had been previously helping out people with such issues. He talked to Dr. KAZIMOTO who assured him that exactly two days after him casting his Powerful Spells the truth shall unfold itself on naked broad daylight. Two days later is when Chemutai was seen escorted by a swarm of bees to Tendet’s grave as she confessed of poisoning his husband. She received a thorough beating from the angry witnessing crowd. Later Tendet’s family arrived and grabbed her to the police station where justice took its path and she’s now being charged with murder case. The whole village was glad and thankful to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for unfolding the truth that was beyond their knowledge.

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