Drama Is A Man Catches Wife In Bed With ‘Mpango Wa Kando’

A man identified is Kioko sparked a debate on his official Facebook page on whether a cheating person should take their Mpango Wa Kando to their matrimonial homes. Kioko said this in a Facebook post in which he shared a video of a woman who was caught cheating by her husband on their matrimonial bed.

In the viral video, the two love birds are seen stuck to each other. The husband to the rogue lady asks his wife why she is cheating on him. The lady responds that it was satan who made her cheat. The man on his side when asked how he managed to get into the house without finding out whether it belonged to another man, he says his lover assured him that she was single.

The two are seen begging for forgiveness straining and groaning in pain. However the owner of the house refuses to listen to their appeals. He is seen packing his wife’s belongings. Later he tells his friend the following.
“I suspected my wife was cheating on me not even a single time. Today am pleased to finally catch her redhanded. Mm simtaki. Nasema ni asante sana kwa Dr KAZIMOTO. Yeye ndio amefanya nipate haya mambo,” he said.

The two were however relieved after a hefty fine was paid to Dr KAZIMOTO for his exemplary works of spell. The man however is said to have parted ways with his rogue wife. As he said there was no need of living in the same house with someone who was not faithful. Dr KAZIMOTO promised him spells that would help him get a good wife.
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