Early Signs That a Relationship Won’t Work-Benjamin Zulu


You’re attracted to them in every way except sexually.
You have great conversations, and you collaborate perfectly in business and projects, but you just don’t feel them. And then they propose a relationship, and people tell you ‘things will change once you get married. You will learn to love them.’ These are just convenient lies. That chemistry will never come, and even if you forfeit your fulfilment just to make it work, you will find it impossible to continue satisfying them when you’re unfulfilled yourself.
To test sexual compatibility, you shouldn’t sleep together. Sex is based on mental and emotional connectedness , and it is based on your organs. The world is superficial and vain. They focus so much on the body and so little on the soul.

2. You can not talk on a deeper level.
If you got carried away by the initial attraction you felt between you and you started getting naked physically, you will be surprised to realise that you can not get emotionally naked with that person. Perhaps they’re too emotionally guarded, and they were using the sexual chemistry to skip emotional vulnerability.

3. The roles are reversed in that the woman acts as the leader, and the man acts as the led.
She provides financially, and she ‘mentors’ the man to get his career together and to ‘act like a man.’ Such relationships are usually dead on arrival because they bring out the worst in both parties.

4. When it’s only man who is pursuing.
If the woman applies, wait and see tactic instead of engaging. When the man eventually gets her, he will expect her to now reciprocate. He put in all the effort, and it’s time for pay off. This is a short circuiting of the momentum needed to build a lasting thing. The right approach is where both people are interested and engaged. If someone decides they don’t want you, they simply communicate and leave. This way, when they’re both into it, it gains the momentum of a lifelong adventure, not a tit-for-tat .

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