Educational stakeholders in Turkana County Wants the MOE to address Issues Affecting CBC in the Region


Alvons Loyanae

Educational stakeholders in Turkana County have prevailed upon the Ministry of Education as well as the National and the County Government of Turkana to address immediate challenges that continue to affect the implementation of the Curriculum based Education (CBC).

The Loyanae Vision Foundation, an organization founded in the year 2020 in Turkana County with an aim of addressing a myriad of challenges affecting the education sector, Says if drastic measures are not put in place by the education ministry, Turkana County risks dragging behind in the implementation of the new Curriculum as it were with the 8-4-4 Curriculum.

Alvons Loyanae the director of the Foundation avers that Turkana County is missing on Basic Education infrastructure such as classrooms, Learning materials, the challenge of teen Pregnancies and early marriages as well as lack of sanitary towels that continue to force many young girls out of school.

“Turkana Families are mainly pastoralists, many parents can hardly provide for the many requirements under the CBC, while they struggle with feeding themselves, many young girls are at risk of being married off at a young age, we have had many cases of teen pregnancies, learners learning under trees and in manyattas and therefore we feel much needs to be done by all the stakeholders in order to have a smooth implementation of the CBC curriculum” States Loyanae.

The Loyanae Vision Foundation is currently sponsoring a number of school-going children within Turkana county, and with support from well-wishers, the foundation has continued to provide sanitary towels to a number of young girls in order to ensure they remain in school.
“The Foundation though young is rolling out a number of projects with an aim of addressing some of the challenges affecting the education sector in Turkana County, Other than the Sanitary towels for young girls we provide learning materials, organize for Motivation talks to encourage and mentor the young learners and with the support of their teachers we conduct health Education talks,” Says Loyanae

The organization that has touched base in Turkana east Sub County intends to spread out its programs in the entire Turkana County with the support of the state and non-state actors within the Education Sector

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