Eldoret Based Gospel Artist Wants Pastor Ezekiel Released

Popular Eldoret-based gospel artist Wiliam Getumbe now says Pastor Ezekiel Oduor of The New Life Church Ministry should be released with immediate effect.

Getumbe, a psychologist and a counselor says pastor Ezekiel has not committed any offense therefore should be set free.

“I am calling upon the government to release pastor Ezekiel since there are no grounds for his arrest and has not committed any crime,” said Getumbe while speaking to the press.

According to him, the government has failed to take action against institutions such as the Music Copyright Society Of Kenya (MCSK) which has been looting money from musicians.

“You want to close churches but exempt other institutions that go against the law and political parties that hold demonstrations resulting in the deaths of many citizens. The balance and treatment should be the same,” said the psychologist.

He noted that despite the Shakahola indoctrination the government should not close churches because of an individual’s mistake.

“The government should not punish the whole society because of Paul Mackenzie, “ said the Eldoret-based gospel artist.

“ The cult leader himself confessed that he stopped preaching and closed his church in 2019. There is no church in Shakahola and the church regulating bodies should be given time to do their work,” added the counselor.

Getumbe says that many people across the globe have different psychological problems which tempt them to engage in unusual activities such as stealing and drugs.

This has been witnessed in politics where supporters have died in many rallies, and demonstrations and no one talks about it.

Many of these victims are political die-hards who don’t care about their lives. During demonstrations, they are smeared with tear gas, get injured and in some instances lose their lives.

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