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Eldoret City Marathon Winners to be Awarded This Friday

Exactly 1 year after the conclusion of the 4th edition of the Eldoret City Marathon, the winners of the concluded edition is set to smile all the way to the bank after the organizers promised to reward those who emerged victors this Friday.

The event will take place at the Uasin Gishu County Headquarters.

Citing various technical issues, Moses Tanui, Eldo City Marathon Race Director asked the athletes to bear with the organizers but will have their rewards come Friday.

“Today I am a very happy person to announce that we are paying our athletes the prize money on Friday 10th at 7’o clock at the county offices. I want to take this opportunity to tell the athletes that as a career athlete it was not my wish to delay the prize money, it was a technical issue and I know what is going on, bear with us but we have reached a conclusion that we are paying the prize money this Friday.” Said Moses Tanui, Eldo City Race Marathon.

He called on all the sponsors to grace the occasion come Friday to ensure there is cooperation and longevity of the marathon since it belongs to the athletes and Kenyans at large.

“I want to ask all the sponsors they are invited to come and grace the occasion with us so that the Eldoret City Marathon will continue in the future. As an athlete, I would like to say that the Eldoret city marathon will outlive us the founders and the people who initiated the marathon. I would also like to tell Kenyans, this is your event, this is your baby it doesn’t belong to Moses I am only the facilitator of this marathon. I want to tell athletes that this marathon belongs to you.” added Tanui.

Stating the prominence of the Marathon and its resilience to being hosted despite the Covid 19 lockdown that brought everything to a standstill, the facilitator outlined his wishes to have the marathon last like the Boston Marathon which was founded close to 130 years ago and the marathon still booming despite the organizers exiting the stage.

“This marathon is one of the internationally recognized marathons worldwide. Even during Covid 19, we managed to do the marathon and I think it was the only one in this country that happened after Covid. I promise that God willing, the marathon will continue forever like any other marathon. I am a marathoner, Boston marathon was started 130 years ago and the founders of the marathon are no longer there but the marathon continues.” noted Tanui.

Being the source for many champions in the region, the Eldo City marathon has raised many champions who have ended up winning the different marathon editions being held elsewhere in the globe.

”This is the home of champions, this is the hub of our champions, it is where we manufacture these champions. We started this marathon, not for the elite athletes but because we consider the training athletes who for many years have gone without going outside this country. I am happy to announce that the marathons that have been done in this city have benefitted and made champions of Boston, London, Berlin, and so many other marathons. This is where we make champions.” he remarked.

Various reasons for the delay in payments have been made citing different technical issues but now they are set for the awarding ceremony that will be graced by Uasin Gishu County Governor who will double as the chief guest.

“The economy is bad, the sponsors when you have difficulties and technical issues can’t pay but I am happy that now we have the money for the athletes and we are paying them. With the blessings from the governor who will be our chief guest will be handing the cheques to the athletes. Said Moses Tanui.

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