Eldoret Court Judge Sentences 33 Year Old to Death

A 33 year old man has been sentenced to death for allegedly murdering his brother’s three children.

The suspect Enock Onzanse is said to have murdered his elder brother
James Ratemo Nyambane’s children, namely Clifford Nyambane (six),
Taniy Nyamweya (five) and Glen Ongaki (three) in the cruelest

The Eldoret High Court Stephen Githinji said the evidence and the testimony given in court is beyond a reasonable doubt.

“The evidence that has been tabled in court shows clearly and beyond reasonable doubt that the suspect committed the heinous act. It has also been proven that the cause of death was strangulation,” said the Eldoret High Court judge while delivering the sentence.

He noted that the suspect was identified by several witnesses as the last person who was seen with the deceased persons before they met their death.

“Having considered the evidence that was adduced by the prosecution and by the accused person, it is the finding of the court that the prosecution proved its case to the required standard in criminal case, being proof of the case beyond reasonable doubt by demonstrating that the deceased persons met their death as a result of unlawful action by the accused person. I, therefore, sentence the suspect to death ” he added.
None of the prime suspects, Enock Onzanse’s close family members
including his parents, was in court when Justice Stephen Githinji
delivered the death sentence in a record fifteen minutes
In his defense, the accused argued that he was not involved in the
the murder of his niece and nephews.

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