Eldoret International Airport Business Paralyzed as Online Taxi Operators Block the Entrance

Normal business at the Eldoret International Airport was on Tuesday paralyzed for over an hour after hundreds of Eldoret Online taxi operators abandoned their vehicles at the Airport’s main entrance.

The Online taxi operators are complaining of unfair business practices by the Airport’s Authority officials and a section of Taxi operators within the airport.

“We Have been stuck here for over an hour with our cargo that is supposed to be transported to Nairobi, not even the management has come out to address the inconvenience, “Said Abdi Rizak, one of the Cargo transporters.

The Online taxi operators claim to have been unfairly targeted and have demanded their issues be addressed because the Eldoret Airport is an International Airport and they ought not to be discriminated against.

“We Pay to the government and County government relevant taxes online, the Airport’s yellow cub operators neither pay such taxes to the government but today we are being unfairly targeted by rogue offices in cohort with yellow cub operators at a time when the president is pushing for the digitization of services,” said Anthony Mwangi a Taxi Operator .

The airport’s yellow cub operators have also been accused of carte blanche harassing other taxi operators unabated.

“We want to know why the car was clumped outside the Eldoret International Airpot. Why are we being discriminated we want to know the difference between us and those taxis carrying passengers inside,” Fredrick Otieno said.

The Online operators led by Fredrick Otieno have also castigated a move by unknown people within the airport to have clamped a taxi that had been parked outside the airport along the Kapsabet –Eldoret Highway since Tuesday afternoon.

“We want President William Ruto since why are we being treated as lesser Kenyans yet we pay millions worth of taxes? Why should we just drop passengers and not pick them, which criteria did they use to come up with this,” Peter Gitau said.

“We want to know who clamped the vehicle yet we know it’s not the police or Kanjo. This is an international airport and we won’t allow such to happen,” Jonathan Bushuru added.
Enock car owner said his vehicle was clamped at 2 pm and that he has lost over Sh 6000.

“What criteria allows a driver of a different company allows a fellow driver to pick a clump act as a KAA official and clump other vehicles what criteria are that? We want to understand why are being followed outside,” said Hillary.

“If they want us to be unfair we will not allow the yellow cab to pick and drop clients Eldoret, people have suffered and we won’t allow it to happen,” Wilson noted.

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