Eldoret need dependable leadership not party loyalists- Kimutai Kirui

A leader to turn around the huge potential ,both human resource and capital.Eldoret has all parameters of a city which include Airport, airstrip, Central bank, banks and hotels.First class hospitals -Eldoret is a Medical Hub -one stop shop.
MTRH lead the pack as a teaching facility. MEDIHEAL do Kidney transplant,
Oncology and others, St Luke Trauma centre is another piece of excellence among others.

In universities and colleges, Moi, University of Eldoret,Kisii, Mt Kenya -etc come into view.It also has the best middle college in East and Central Africa RVTTI is right here in- Eldoret and Eldoret polytechnic is a giant.

Eldoret also boast of the most favourable climate and land that is the white settlers ” talked of spaces for their women to procreate in ”

“We need leaders to guide and give direction, TIMELY POLICIES.Elect not only knowledgeable and able but selfless MCAS,MPs, senators and a Governor.Not empty tins to make noises in the streets,press briefings or lament in social media like avarage voters. Nor cowards,puppets and sycophants to be used to pass bills in favour of the Executive,” he says.

Mandago and UHURUTO micromanaged the legislature where Oversight is a critical component in governance.

Mandago through CEC Finance messed the county that’s why he wants to reward him with MP Kesses seat.

County Assembly plays critical role in Key appointments and the Budget making process. We need timely policies and legislations not tribes and tribal kingpins.

“We need strong cooperative societies and Youth groups.
The only cooperative, we Kalenjin are proud of is,The VOTING BLOCK – Always called in to join KANU,UDM,URP, JUBILEE and now UDA enmass.We need diversity not just in crop farming – Maize,Avacado , Floriculture or horticulture but in leadership as well,” he says.

We need great leaders to change the mindsets of the people – people to diversify thoughts and move away from inapplicable and outdated mindsets.Leadership is not about a tribe. It’s about ability and capacity of a leader.

We must choose between progress and retrogression,
Either stick to the old ways or embrace not just change but progress.

“Some days I wish I could go back in life. Not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice.”When I remember JUBILEE emeet oh… JUBILEE emeet…Sio uchawi ni maombi..”I feel nauseous.

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