Eldoret Sex workers Decry Shortage of Condoms

Sex workers in Eldoret have decried an acute shortage of Condoms in Eldoret town which has resulted in an upsurge in HIV infections.

According to the Eldoret sex workers Alliance (ESWA) Director Alice Chepngetich Saina, its members have been predisposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

It has a membership of over 2800 members.

“We have been experiencing a serious shortage of Condoms which puts us at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Our members too are suffering due to the lack of HIV test kits as well as lack of other forms of contraceptives to help in family planning,” said Saina while speaking to the press.

“Many of our members especially in poverty-stricken estates and who operate within Chang’aa selling dens are pregnant, due to lack of prevention commodities, we need these commodities in order to help in curbing HIV prevalence,” she added.

Sex workers in Eldoret are categorized into sex workers on Transit –this group moves from place to place, Hotspot-Those based on strategic places within and outside of Eldoret town, Home based-This a group of sex workers who are based within estates and would engage in sex work within their homes and Street Based –This group would be found along the streets and has attracted many young girls who have recently dropped from school.
ESWA is concerned over the growing numbers of young girls aged 14 years joining their profession.

“The young girls are mostly school dropouts, many of them are unaware of how to use protection and prevent acquiring or transmitting HIV, and many are to be found within the category of street sex workers” She opines.
Many of the Sex workers have suffered brutality from both the National Police and County Askaris.

“We are experiencing a lot of harassment and arbitrary arrests, some have in the recent past been arrested and taken to the County rescue center where they had their hair shaved against their will, Rescue center should be a place for young children in need of care and not adults”?

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