Eldoret Track Drivers Wants Kenha Officials Transferred

Track drivers in Eldoret now wants Kenha officials transferred for sleeping on their job.
They said despite them carrying capacity they are being exploited and frustrated by Kenha police forcing them to give bribes.

Led by Samkiz Mugo they said  despite them carrying capacity Kenha weighbridges have been shown that they have carried excess. 

The track drivers led peaceful demonstrations in Eldoret town. 

“Before we transport our product’s we usually take them to private weighbridge where we are given certificates of compliance but it’s sad that after Kenha weighbridge are used it’s found thatwe have carried excess forcing us to pay for the extra tonnes.We want all officers in  the Eldoret office transferred for sleeping on their job,” said Samkiz.

Over 20 lorries had been arrested by Kenha officials for carrying extra goods. 

They also accussed the Kenha officials for arresting and refusing to take them to court forcing them to run at huge losses. 

“It is sad thta after arresting us it takes over seven days for the to take us to court. How do Thursday expect to service our loans if this will hold our lorries for that long,” he added. 

They called on the cabinet secretar for transport to intervene since they are going through a hard time. 

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  1. The above comments are very very true. The trucks being held should all be re-weighed at an independent static government weigh bridge. It is only that way that the truth will come out.

    We work hard to service our loans and to make a living and not to pay fines for mistakes not committed.

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