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EPRA Kicks Off Public Participation on Proposed Increased Electricity Charges

Director of Kenya Power Veska Kangogo

After a proposition by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) to increase power rates and charges, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory authority (EPRA) has kick-started the public participation process to collect views and public opinion on the proposition.

While collecting the views of the North Rift Region residents in Eldoret town, the regulator highlighted the benefits of the public views being incorporated as part of their constitutional rights.

“We are here today in the North Rift region in Eldoret town as part of the public participation process which is a legal process as part of the tariff review to the review the application which is before us as the regulator, we are mandated by law to regulate the electricity and petroleum sector in our country Kenya.” Said Daniel Kiptoo, Director General EPRA.

Having received an application by KPLC to adjust power charges rates late last year, the regulator plans to collect views nationwide before determining the final verdict on KPLC’s application.

“We did receive an application from KPLC at the end of October 2022, we are now taking through the regards of an assessment internally as the regulator as part of the provisions of our constitution we have embarked on
a public participation process to be able to hear the views of the public with regards to KPLC’s application. Today is the 2nd public participation forum, we were in Nakuru yesterday, south rift, we will tomorrow be in Kisumu and the Nyanza region as I will be going around all corners of this country collecting views from the public, we will also be able to engage stakeholders including government, sector utilities, investors and consumers too.” Added Mr. Kiptoo

With the rising costs of living, consumers are worried about KPLC’s application but the regulator promises to look into the distributor’s concerns while also keeping the public interest at hand so that we as a nation have affordable energy.

“The people of the North Rift region have raised their concerns. First, they have talked about not overburdening the consumer, considering the tough economic times at the moment. KPLC too is looking at power purchasing rates, distribution expenses, and operation costs. so we as the regulators will look into KPLC’s application while also considering the consumer so that we as a nation can go forward with affordable energy at hand. “noted Daniel.
Stating the need for tariff review by the distributor who says we haven’t had one as a nation in the last 6 years unlike provisions in the Energy Act which call for reviews every 3 years to determine the power rates and charges.

“We as Kenya Power, we’ve come here to converse with the public, and hear their opinion on our application for tariff review. for many days you haven’t had a tariff review as matters in the energy sector haven’t been looked into for 6 years unlike provisions in the energy act which call for reviews after every 3 years. So that is why we are here to discuss with you our plans in the electricity sector, discussions on application and connection to electricity.” Remarked Veska Kangogo KPLC Director.

Calling for the need for the review to meet the ever-rising costs of operation as a result of high power demands forces the distributor to look for other power sources to meet this demand. The distributor also called for the protection of KPLC’S equipment are vandalism cases are on the rise and this equipment are costly to acquire which results in losses.

“I know we are experiencing tough economic times but this has affected all of us. for long now commodity prices have been going up including petroleum which we use in the production and distribution of power. for 3 years we have not had power rationing because we have increased our power sources from geothermal, solar, and thermal sources which use diesel to ensure a continuous supply of power. since we’ve not had tariff review for 6 years and the demand increases over time, we must find ways to sustain the supply and that is why we approached EPRA and the public participation which we will conduct all over the country.” She noted calling for the public to all report vandalizes of KPLC’s equipment as transformers are being stolen with one going for up to shillings 500,000.

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