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Eric Omondi Arrested Outside Parliament

Comedian Eric Omondi has been arrested while leading demonstrations outside Parliament buildings in Nairobi.

Omondi was leading a group of well-built, shirtless young men in demonstrations, where they demanded the Government to lower the cost of living.

The youths donning black shorts and bare chests had brought business around parliament to a standstill, with onlookers milling around to watch.

The police had ordered the demonstrators to disperse, but they ignored forcing cops to use teargas.

Omondi was arrested in the ensuing melee, with the police taking him to an unknown destination.

The youths were carrying placards written “high cost of living” high cost of electricity” “stima juu, taxi juu” among other publications.

This is not the first time the comedian is leading demonstrations at parliament grounds.

In February 2022, Omondi chained himself in a cube outside parliament buildings, with a bold placard written ‘Play 75 percent’.

Then, the comedian sought the attention of parliament to debate how local music will get at least 75 per cent of airplay in the country.

He said he would be on a hunger strike and will stay there until the lawmakers debate the matter.

Earlier, in November 2021, Omondi was arrested at the same spot while he led demonstrations to compel parliament to enact laws on playing 75% of Kenyan music.

Courtesy Citizen Digital

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