Esther Muchemi: A name prevails over gold or silver

Samchi Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer Madam Esther Muchemi has taken a moment Wednesday morning to tell us that a name is worthier than the most priced gemstones.

She notes


A name is way, way better, way ,way valuable than silver and gold.

Look for wealth, look for big cars , houses etc, but remember to care and protect your name as you do so.

Madam CEO Esther Muchemi founded Samchi Group to be what it is today

Honestly how would a person ever think, imagine of selling contaminated rice to human beings!

Honestly, surely, no !no! no! This money madness….

Wealth backed by a good name is very sweet ,by the way, the peace underlying such a position is all a man/ woman would love.”

Madam Esther Muchemi is a highly respected and emulated Captain of the industry. She embodies the virtues of excellence, success, servant leadership, humility and above all and most importantly, God fearing.

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