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Everybody who never meant any good for you will play themselves out of your life

Eventually everybody who never meant any good for you will play themselves out of your life. (Steve Harvey) And it’s said to never interrupt an enemy when they’re making a mistake, but the problem is that we don’t always recognise it when those who were friends have turned into enemies.

When their hidden hostility first betrays them we don’t believe it and we make excuses for them, thus giving them an opportunity to inject more venom into our life. This was the mistake of most people who got destroyed by former friends. They half believed it when the person’s true colors began to show and so they procrastinated in protecting themselves.

Well, it may look extreme or unforgiving to cut off a friend after ‘only one mistake,’ but what matters here is what kind of ‘mistake’ was it? Badmouthing you to someone of importance to you? Undercutting you and attempting to sabotage your opportunity? Going after your romantic interests to spoil your name? Shutting down on you when you needed their assistance? Inciting work colleagues or a boss against you? That’s not a ‘mistake’ but the revelation of a dark heart.

You have been shown the truth in time to save you and if you keep that person in your life it’ll be like handing them another bullet because they missed you with the first.

But why would someone I have never wronged turn against me, you ask? Envy has no reason and you don’t need to offend them to arouse it. Sometimes your only wrong is that you’re contented with your life, or you’re happy in your marriage, or you keep improving and getting better. Some friends are seasonal and they lack the capacity to contain who you’re becoming. So waste no time arguing with ‘but what happened?’

(©️ Benjamin Zulu Global)

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