“Fear Woman”: Man Faints after Finding out Wife is Pregnant With His younger Brother’s Child

A Kenyan man was left in shock after his own brother whom he had employed at his own business. What even shocked the man from Nyeri is the fact that his wife had opened her legs for someone who was young enough to be her young brother.

The man’s younger brother had gone to live with the him and his wife after he completedhigh school exams and was ready now to start earning a living. The man thus gave him a job at his cosmetics business. He knew he could trust his little brother to run the business while he was away at work.

However, what he did not know was that his young brother was actually screwing his wife in the cosmetics shop while he was away at work. Whenever he left for work at around 7am, his younger brother would go, open the shop and the nicall the man’s wife asking her to go so that they could be inmtimate

“Hurry up my darling your husband has left for work. I cannot wait to have sex with you today,” the younger brother told her.
Their affair went on for weeks until the man’s wife got pregnant. She started having pregnancy but this shocked the man as he had taken a vasectomy and so he knew his wife was sleeping with another person. Before confronting her, he needed to be sure if she was actually cheating on him with another man.
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