Forget Fuliza, this is how Kenyans are making money online through Betting. Young people are driving big cars and buying expensive houses using this secret.


With the hard economic time which are characterized by high cost of living, many people have been left with no other option but depend on soft loans like Mshwari and Fuliza. Many people try out gambling in order to make some extra income but end up loosing a lot of their money but that is about to change since the launch of this amazing prediction platform called SokaFans.

If you have been making loses in Betting , then this article is for you. My name is Eric Nyaga and have been winning almost everyday thanks to SokaFans. On this platform you will meet thousands of tipsters who sell sure predictions and at affordable price say Kes 50 bob only.
SokaFans is a prediction platform that connects gamblers to profitable tipsters. Tipsters are ranked according to their performance hence it is easy for a gambler to identify a profitable one and buy from them. The good thing about SokaFans is the transparency that is involved since a gambler is able to see a tipster betting history before deciding whether to buy from them or not.
According to statistics, it is only 3% of gamblers that win in betting and that is because most gamblers depend on poorly analyzed prediction and guesswork but that is about to change since the launch of SokaFans. The secret of success in Betting is lowering your odds and increasing your stake amount.
Personally i have been using SokaFans for 15 months now and it has never disappointed me even a single time. Currently i rarely lose in betting thanks to SokaFans. If you are a gamblers and not using SokaFans , then you are missing out bigtime. I have bought two cars and started a logistic business despite being jobless for 5 years. I don’t know how my life would have been if it was not for SokaFans.
You can also make money selling betting tips on SokaFans. Getting started as a tipster is absolutely free but you get charged a small fee when your tips are bought. If you are a football fan and good at analyzing matches then SokaFans is the most sure way of making passive income in betting say Kes 5000 everyday. Top tipsters on SokaFans are making more than Kes 250,000 every month.
If you wish to make some extra income in Betting, Visit SokaFans and Get Started. You will thank us later.

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